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Why It Makes Sense to Hire Movers for Even Small Moves Out of State


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    Moving across state lines can be challenging, no matter what size of move you are handling. Yes, small moves out of state are going to be a bit easier, but the logistical planning is quite similar to a larger move.

    There are so many things that can go wrong for inexperienced movers, that often times it still makes sense to hire an outside company to take care of even the smallest move across state lines. Here are a few of the risks, big and small, that you are shouldering anytime you choose to self-move:

    • Physical Injury: Getting hurt often happens to those who are not physically prepared for the rigors of hefting a house full of boxes and furniture from one place to another. The pain and suffering of a strained muscle, an injured back, or a twisted ankle should be incentive enough to outsource even small moves out of state. Think about it: Lost work time and medical bills could add up to more than the cost of hiring a professional mover.
    • Damage to Goods and Furniture: Inexperience with properly packing and loading a truck during small moves out of state can result in damaged belongings. It costs money to replace crushed breakables and broken electronics. Sometimes there is no way to replace an item, especially if there was any sentimental value to it. Scuffs and dings are not the end of the world, but pro movers know how to minimize them better than most everyday folks realize. Experience is worth a lot.
    •  Logistics: Small moves out of state still require help to unload. If you don’t have a network of friends and family to assist at your destination, you may have to hire the help anyway. This can be a hassle at best, and add to your coordination load and stress levels at worst. The more moving parts to any move, the more likely there will be hiccups.
    • Accidents and Liability: Unless you have the experience of driving a large van truck or pulling a trailer, shouldering the risks of handling these vehicles is a questionable decision. It’s stressful to do when you have no training to do it. You can buy transit insurance from the rental truck company to cover the damage to wrecked truck or trailer, but what about the potential loss of life and injury? Outsourcing large and small moves out of state to the pros shifts that risk to seasoned professionals.
    • No Customer Service: Quality movers provide a lot of support to their customers. Even small moves out of state are a priority concern. When you self-move, you on almost completely on your own. But with a professional moving service, you often have access to concierge services and perks to make the move go a lot smoother.

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