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5 Reasons why you should ONLY use Licensed Movers!


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    Moving is stressful. Protect your financial well being and safety by ONLY hiring Licensed moving companies.

    Licensed Mover
    Not using a licensed mover can bite you in the you know what!

    Reason 1: By using a licensed movers you are more likely to avoid moving scams

    Check if your mover is licensed and legal to operate in the state of Georgia by going to

    Caveat emptor, the latin word meaning “Buyer beware” or let the buyer beware. The principle simply states that the seller of a product (or service) cannot be held responsible for its quality. It is the buyers responsibility to do the due diligence. Due diligence means going beyond what the saleman tells you and verifying it for yourself. There are a litany of unlicensed moving companies all too willing to separate you and your money in exchange for minimal to horrible service that can cost you way more than you bargained for. A cursory internet search about moving and the stresses it can often entail, invariably brings up parallels to going to the dentist, divorce and even death.  Choose your movers carefully and be vigilent because this one decison can have huge financial consequences and will either make moving the most unpleasant of undertakings or an experience that is smooth and free of aggravation and regret.

    Moving is a state and federally regulated industry and there is a reason why this is!

    Reason 2: Your safety!

    In case you think this is just a licensed Atlanta Moving Company trying to scaremonger please consider these facts and statistics and extrapolate for yourself what this means for you and your family.

    During peak summer moving season 404Movers receives 2-3 resumes a day and even more during the slow months of fall/winter when the industry traditionally slows down and other moving companies lay off workers. Over 40% of the prospects that we do then background check after an exhaustive interview process end up having theft or violent felonies on their backgrounds, despite having answered to the contrary on the initial pre-employment screening questionaire. We have seen everything from aggravated assaults to armed robberies on the return background checks. These individuals with checkered histories, would otherwise freely enter your home, handle your most personal possessions and know where you live.

    Reason 3 Licensed movers have skin in the game

    only use licensed movers
    Make sure that whom ever you do business with also has a personal stake in the outcome

    Piggybacking on the previous issue of safety, licensed moving companies also have a vested moral and financial interest in the safety of our customers and the safeguarding of our reputation! By brunt of the fact that they have made a large personal financial investment in acquiring trucks, DOT approvals, state licenses, continuing education and all of the requisite documentation and insurances required to be in this business means that that licensed movers have “skin in the game” too. They are on the “same side of the table”. Fly by night companies or rogue movers as they are called in the industry, don’t have the same investment, personally or financially. A rented Uhaul and a quickly cobbled together Godaddy website is probably the extent of their loss if their reputation is sullied. Its dangerous and a losing proposition to deal with somone who has not much to lose.

    Reason 4: Licensed Movers have agreed to uphold certain minimum standards

    As a licensed Atlanta moving company we have agreed to uphold certain standards as set out in the Georgia Household Goods Tarrif which is the law that governs both licensed and unlicensed movers in Georgia the law that.

    Licensed movers standards
    Licensed movers are more likely to make an effort at customer satisfaction than those who are not licensed!

    Reason 5: Licensed movers are insured and provide recourse for damages

    Damages do happen and when they do you want to be sure that the moving company you chose will abide by the agreement to repair or replace your furniture as agreed. Unlicensed entities are in it to win and having to make what in their eyes is refund is not in their business plan. A choice between doing the right thing or making repairs usually ends up being made in their favor.

    Licensed movers are insured to cover damages
    Licensed movers are insured to cover damages

    Reason 6: Unsightly moving trucks 
    Unlicensed movers many times dont properly maintain their trucks and they have been known to send uninsured, unroadworthy vehicles t0 pick up and move possessions. In the event of lost you are again on your own.

    Unlicensed Movers
    Actual picture sent to us by a customer we eventually moved. She had initially hired the “moving company” onj the left until she decided that the shabby truck was too much and a precusor of things to come and she called 404Movers!

    7)  The Danger of Theft & Extortion
    Theft is not an uncommon result with unlicensed movers. Sometimes these movers simply steal a few items and you may only discover this days or months later when you can’t fing it. In other cases they have been known to drive off with an individual’s possessions in tow. You can rest easy knowing that this wont be the case when you use a licensed, professional moving company like 404movers to pack and move your valuables.
    Extortion : One of the oldest tricks in the trade of anyone looking to make a quick buck at your expense is bait and swtich. In your quest to save a dollar you find a “fabulous deal” only to have the fees double at the end of your move. If you refuse to pay the new, higher price, these unlicensed moving companies they typically will hold your possessions hostage.
    theft by unlicensed movers

    A hall Mark of unlicensed movers is that your fees dramatically increase at the end of the move, with an implicit or explicit threat of your possessions being held hostage before they are unloaded if the demand for payment is not met!

    How can I check whether a mover is licensed or not?
    Simple! Moving is a regulated industry and licensed movers are sanctioned by the State of Georgia and more specifically the Georgia Department of Public safety. They have a list of licensed movers on their website (
    This list also lets you know how many moves a Georgia based moving company did over the past 3 years and also gives you insights into the complaints, damage and Loss history of these movers.

    Dealing with predatory movers can be dangerous, but by doing a bit of rearch and choosing a well-vetted, professional moving and storage company like 404Movers you can make moving a stressfree experience!

    Respectfully yours,

    Mitchie Mutyambizi
    Director-Client Experience
    5 Reasons Why You Should Only Use Licensed Movers



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