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Moving tips Part 2 of 10: Staffing your move appropriately!


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    Two men and a truck is not always enough for your move! Staff appropriately!

    By choosing the optimal number of professional movers you can reduce your overall moving costs. Choose more than two men and a truck if you have a large move
    By choosing the optimal number of professional movers you can reduce your overall moving costs

    When you decide to move it is VERY important that you don’t make the mistake that we see more than any other, that of customers requesting only two men and a truck to perform their move(s) in an effort to save some cash. An understandable goal but approached counter-intuitively all too often!

    Sometimes using more than 2 men and a truck is the cheaper option! You may actually fare better by using three men and a truck or more depending on the size of your move.

    My go to analogy for NOT using two men and a truck is this. Imagine the the 85-N in Atlanta highway on late Friday between 4:30pm to 6pm….gridlock right! Take 90,000 cars with only 2 lanes open, then 90,000 cars with 3 lanes open, then 5 lanes open. Which do you think will clear those cars off the highway faster?

    The principle is the same whether you are dealing with cars on a busy highway or moving and considering using just two men and a truck. Things are a lot more efficient the more bandwidth one has.

    Penny smart and pound foolish is the best way to describe this because like most of us, you are trying to save money and moving is an expensive proposition anyway you cut it. Not enough men for a move means a lower hourly rate BUT also it has the potential for a drawn out move which translates to more money and blown budgets.

    Though a bit tongue in cheek don’t move with ONLY Two Men and a Truck because if you skimp when it comes to staffing your move appropriately it can come back to bite you. Professional movers cannot perform miracles and even though our guys are some of the best out there, they cannot do the impossible so choose wisely and have a stress free Atlanta move.


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    Moving Tips Part 2 Of 10 Staffing Your Move Appropriately




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