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Protecting your move against loss with valuation protection!


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    Options available to protect your move against loss

    You have a lot on the line when entrusting your possessions to any moving company. Near the top of the most asked question is how does “insurance” work for my move and what happens if something gets broken/damaged lost or stolen?

    The correct term for this ïnsurance coverage”is “valuation protection” or simply “valuation”.

    LICENSED MOVERS, are by law are obligated to present valuation protection options to you, so that you can mitigate the risks and the inherent liability that comes with moving anything of value from point a to point b. If you plan on using unlicensed or rogue movers you have no recourse for damages and this would be a good point to stop reading this article.

    There are three options for covering loss and /or damage(3)

    Released Value Protection (Option 1)
    There is no additional charge for this option, it comes by default for each move. The protection for you, however, is minimal. Under this option, 404Movers assumes liability at a rate of $0.60 per pound  (60 cents per pound) per article based on the weight of the lost or damaged item.
    Let me give you a simple example, say you have a Samsung TV (purchased a year ago for $1000) that is damaged during the move that weighs 10 pounds. 404Movers would be liable for 60 cents per pound x 10 LBS or $6. If a 100-pound desk was accidentally lost/stolen/damaged or destroyed during the move you would be reimbursed at 60 cents per pound x $100 LBS or $60

    -Full Value Protection (Option 2a)
    Under Full Replacement Value Protection, 404Movers would be responsible for the current replacement value of the stolen, lost or damaged items with no deductible payable by you. This is the most comprehensive option available for the protection of your belongings. This options is analogous to full coverage insurance for your car cars insurance with no deductible. As with car insurance there is, however, a cost for Full Value Protection Value Protection.
    As in the example above say your Samsung TV (that you bought a year ago) is dropped, then 404Movers would be liable for the current replacement value without any deductible
    Please review the matrix available here ( ahead of your move so that you understand fully the additional cost for Replacement Value Protection (Option 2a)

    -Full Replacement Value Protection (Option 2b)

    Option 2b (Full Replacement Value Protection) is the same as option 2b except that it carries a $300 deductible. In the same scenario as bove 404Movers would be responsible for the replacement value of stolen, misplaced or damaged items less this $300 deductible. The deductible is the only difference option 2a and option 2b. Please, again, review the matrix available here ( ahead of your move so that you understand fully the additional cost for Replacement Value Protection (Option 2b)

    If any item is damaged, destroyed while in 404Movers we will offer to do one of the following for each item:
    -Repair the item
    -Replace it with a similar item
    -A cash settlement for the cost of the repair or the current market replacement value

    Packed by Owner (PBO) and other actions by you that may limit 404Mover’s Liability
    Boxes not being packed by the mover. 404Mover’s cannot assume liability for boxes it doesn’t pack because the mover cannot determine the condition of the items prior to transporting them. Also certain items like china and other breakables have to be packed a certain way otherwise even with the best of care they will arrive broken with the jostling and road bumps in the back of the truck. It IS difficult to establish a valid claim for damaged items in boxes not packed by us.
    -Packing perishable, dangerous or hazardous materials in the shipment without the mover’s knowledge.
    Delivering belongings into public storage. If you choose to have the us deliver your possesions into a public storage facility, our liability terminates upon delivery.

    Do not repair or discard damaged items without first running it by the claims department. By law 404Movers has the right to inspect all items for which a claim is submitted. Please also retain all original packing containers and materials.

    Please take a moment to view our Atlanta Movers Valuation Protection Video here

    Understanding valuation and choosing the appropriate level of protection can ease your mind, your move, and protect your wallet. Choose carefully!


    Mitchie Mutyambizi
    Director-Client Experience
    Protecting Your Move Against Loss With Valuation Protection



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