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Out of State Moves: What to Do When You Get There


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    Out of state moves can be stressful and difficult to complete, but once you’ve completed the task, what comes next? It depends on your reasons for moving in the first place. But moving across state lines doesn’t change basic life logistics that make up daily living.

    That’s why it makes sense to begin setting up your life and getting to know your way around. Here are some of the top priorities to accomplish when you’re new to an area:

    1. Find Work

    If your move wasn’t because of a job change in the first place, you’ll want to begin job hunting right away. It’s always risky to transfer to a new place without a means to provide for yourself, but that doesn’t make it a bad choice. Sometimes out of state moves can be a helpful decision when you’re searching for a job. After all, location and access are important. Brush up your resume and interviewing skills, and gather letters of recommendation from old employers. You should also update your online presence and look for ways to network with peer industry professionals in your field.

    1. Unpack Your Things

    Your new place will never feel like home until you pull your belongings out of your moving boxes. The good news is that unpacking is generally faster and easier to do than packing. Even if you feel tired and overwhelmed by the tail end efforts required with out of state moves, it’s always better to finish the job.

    1. Find New Health Care Professionals

    If you’ve ever completed out of state moves before, you know that your health needs continue wherever you are. That’s why it’s a good idea to find a new family doctor right away. If you have any pets or other animals, be sure you locate a qualified veterinarian for the help you’re going to need at some point. When choosing doctors, make sure you consider your long-term health care concerns.

    1. Update Car Registration and Insurance 

    All states require you to update your car registration for out of state moves. Depending on the state, the deadline to complete the task of updating your registration and license plates will vary. It’s best to check the local DMV website or call them to learn these details. Before you head down to the DMV, you’ll also need to make sure your car insurance provides coverage in your new state. The state will want to see proof of coverage. If you’re not covered, you’ll need to find a new insurance provider.

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