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Movers to Different State: Things to Remember Before You Go


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    Moving involves a lot of planning and logistics, making it all too easy to forget some of the less obvious things you need to do before leaving.

    Here’s a checklist for movers to different state to remember and track these easy to forget actions:

    Disconnect Utilities

    You’d be surprised how often movers to different state forget to cancel a utility service. If it’s on autopayment, service may continue for months before you catch it. Be sure you call all utility providers to let them know you’re moving, and to schedule a discontinue date. Utility services can include gas, electricity, water, sewer, trash, and cable/internet. If you have lawn care or pest control service, be sure to notify them as well. And while you’re at it, you may want to set up utility accounts for all of these services at your new home too.

    Notify Financial Establishments

    Be sure to contact your banks, credit card companies, lenders, retirement account administrators, etc. to let them know your new address. You can call each institution to update by phone. You can also update in your online account or their respective apps.

    Forward Medical Records

    You can request your family health care provider to forward your medical records to a hospital or clinic that is near your new home. In the event of an emergency, your family medical records will already be accessible, saving precious time. As movers to different state, you can also have your pets’ records forwarded to a local veterinarian near your new home.

    Update Subscription Accounts

    These days, many of us have monthly recurring subscriptions for goods and services. If you have any automatic purchases that are delivered to your home, take some time to update those accounts with your new address. Movers to different state often forget these subscriptions, both online and offline.

    Notify Government Entities

    As movers to different state, you’ll want to update government offices about your change of address. It can take time to accomplish this, but it is important since it affects things like car registration, driver’s licensing, voter precinct information, etc. Depending on your status, you may want to update the IRS, Social Security Administration, and Veterans Affairs, among others.

    Change Your Address: Movers to Different State

    This one is easy to overlook. When you move, it’s important that you update the U.S. postal service of your change of address. You can do this online at their website. They will immediately stop sending your mail to the old address and redirect it to your new one. This will buy you time to notify your contacts and accounts about the change.

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