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Make Moving Easier With These Hacks


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    Most of us dislike the process of moving because it’s one of the most stressful things to do. But moving can also be fun, especially, if your new place is much better. Over the years, we’ve helped many of the good folks of Atlanta, Georgia with their moves, and each time, it never gets old. For us, it’s like a hobby but many people dread moving because it often swallows up the entire day. And it can quickly become nightmarish if you don’t plan. Use the following hacks to make your move easier.

    Start decluttering early

    Start getting rid of things early on. Designate three areas to store the following.

    • Items to donate
    • Items to trash
    • Items to resell

    Anything that doesn’t bring you joy should be dropped in either of those piles depending on the item. Ideally, sell or donate things that are in good condition, the others can be thrown away.

    Start decluttering two or three weeks in advance and go through everything you own. You may be surprised at how much stuff you have. When we’re in a rush, we typically pack everything and go without a second thought. An early start with decluttering should prevent that.

    Keep it simple to make moving easier

    Make your life easier by keeping things simple instead of complicated.

    For instance, if you have furniture filled with light things like DVDs or small electronics, leave them in there. Wrap the furniture with ‘Stretch Wrap’ so that your items don’t fall out.

    Here’s another example. Instead of taking clothes out of hangers, leave them as is but bundle your clothes with a garbage bag. This makes it easy to carry plenty of clothes at once and protects them so they don’t get dirty.

    Those are just a couple of tricks out of many possible ways to keep things simple but they drive the idea home.

    Use smaller boxes to store things

    Using smaller boxes may seem like more work but hear us out.

    No doubt, in some situations, you need bigger boxes but smaller ones can make your move easier and more enjoyable. Sure, you may end up with more boxes in total, but it’s nice not having to exhaust yourself all day. Smaller boxes will weigh less and packing, including unpacking them is simpler too.

    Label your boxes (and use colors if possible)

    Properly labeling boxes can mean less shuffling when you get to your new home. This is because you’ll know what’s in each box. Make sure you use clear labels to quickly unpack things in their designated zones.

    Also, try to get color-coded labels if you can because it should help identify certain things fast. For instance, knowing that green is for your children’s toys can help you keep them entertained while unpacking.

    Get professional movers if necessary

    You might need help moving depending on the situation. If you find it difficult lifting certain things or your home has several obstacles like lots of stairs, then getting help is warranted. You can contact friends for help or hire professional movers.

    The first option is great if you know people that can be trusted with your things. The second is stress-free providing you partner with the right moving company.

    Consider the effort, additional time, and stress involved with moving. Is that something you want to go through by yourself? The cost of moving by yourself is often more than anticipated. Full-service professional movers can save you time and lots of headaches.

    Ensure proper padding for breakables

    Secure your breakable items with enough padding to protect them. Feel free to use towels, clothing, or blankets since they can offer double the protection. For example, you can use socks to protect your glass cups. Wrapping these with your socks can prevent damage during the move.

    Pack an overnight suitcase with essentials

    Odds are that you’ll be too exhausted to unpack things after arriving at your new home, condo, or apartment. Therefore, you should pack essentials into a small suitcase or bag such as a change of clothes, shoes, laptop, toiletries, etc. This way, you can access them with ease.

    Take a picture of electronic connections

    If you aren’t all that tech-savvy, take a picture of how your electronics are connected so it’s easy to put them together later. This is a great part of making your move easier. Trying to figure out how everything is connected can be a pain, especially, if you have complex electronics like a wired home theater system.

    Roll, don’t fold your clothes

    Rolling up your clothes instead of folding them into suitcases can save loads of space. You can usually pack more things into suitcases or boxes this way.

    Quick wrap up and a bit more about us

    You can make your move easier and more fun by applying the ideas shared in this article. And you can get even more moving tips specific to long-distance relocation here. At 404 Movers, we take the stress out of moving and have helped many residences in Atlanta, Georgia move nationally plus locally. Whether it’s a local or long-distance move, contact us today.

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