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404 Movers leads local moving companies with explosive 277% growth rate!


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    According to Department of Public Safety’s records (the division that licenses local moving companies in Georgia), 404Movers experience an explosive 277% growth rate in the 2014 t0 2015 moving season. This ranks 404Movers as one of the fastest growing local movers in Atlanta and also one of the of fastest growing movers in Georgia!

                                                                  Graph showing 404Movers Explosive Growth

    (Source Ga Dept of Public Safety )

    We are especially proud of this distinction, because coming out tops in a field of incumbents that includes heavyweight franchise licensed moving companies like Two Men and a Truck is a feat! These national moving companies have been licensed a LOT longer than 404Movers. So we feel a like the moving company version of David vs Goliath, on this, our second birthday (December 2015)!

    404 movers one of the top local moving companies in Atlanta

    As a young up and coming local Atlanta mover this marks an important milestone in a field of fiercely competitive local moving companies! In 2013, our foundational year, we only did 7 Moves, followed by 650 moves in 2014 and 2455 moves in 2015. In 2016 we look forward to continuing this streak and going above 4000 local moves which will make us one of the fastest growing local Atlanta moving companies by volume of moves.

    To put this growth in perspective there are over 220 licensed local moving companies in the state of Georgia and 404Movers was one of the fastest growing movers during between 2013 to 2015.

    We feel that the growth 404Movers has experienced is due to in large part to an unwavering focus on the customer experience. There are three main pieces to that form the cornerstone of our customer experience.

    1) We care:- We see each customer interaction as an opportunity to serve beyond the marketing bs we enjoy what we do and we get to meet a lot of really cool people along the way. We want each customer to feel that we were the right local Atlanta mover to handle their move not just once btu for any future moves!
    2) Experienced movers:-We have a policy of hiring people with at least 2 years of experience. This results in fewer breakages, accidents and other mishaps are more prevalent with inexperienced movers. Many of our movers have worked at some of the world’s largest international and local moving companies and the depth of knowledge and experience this had given us is second to none.
    3) Better Pay & Remuneration:- We pay our movers a living wage, definately more than they would otherwise get at other local moving companies. If you pay your movers and packers well, they tend to be happier resulting in less employee turnover and the by extension happier customers.
    4) Leveraging Technology:- Most local moving companies are still in the stone age. The ability for customers to book onlne, chat online, text, call or email is another aspect of our operations that customers are pleased with. Our younger customers tend to be more technoogy saavy and we feel that if people can have as many self service options as possible this is better overall.

    We will continue to publish statistics on ourselves and other licensed local moving companies in Georgia and even if you dont choose us and you are moving in Atlanta, GA or moving to Atlanta GA, you can arm yourself with this information to make an informed choice.

    In the meantime if you need a quote for an upcoming move fill out the quote form at the right or left of this page or use the pop up chat to contact us via text message or online chat or call us at 404.753.6683 (T)

    Respectfully yours,

    Mitchie Mutyambizi
    Director-Client Experience
    404 Movers Leads Local Moving Companies With Explosive 277 Growth Rate

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