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How to Evaluate Out of State Moving Company Quotes


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    These days, moving service providers are a dime a dozen, with more getting into the business all the time. Any Joe mover can give you out of state moving company quotes, but how do you know what’s realistic? Who can you trust is giving you good information? It’s not always clear which companies are talking straight with you and which are giving you the runaround.

    Fortunately, there are many honest, reliable moving companies out there and you only need one to do the job. After getting in-home quotes from 3 to 5 in-home moving companies, here are several things you should evaluate as you look to hire a moving team for your upcoming move:


    It almost goes without saying, but out of state moving company quotes should be evaluated on price. Yes, you want the best price, but that doesn’t mean they are the best value. Lowest price can sometimes indicate a bait and switch scam where the mover is trying to win your business but will aggressively look for ways to charge more money later. Use caution and common sense. If other company quotes tend to cluster around a higher average price, it’s likely that those quoted prices are more realistic.

    Services Included

    Moving service providers are smart. When they provide out of state moving company quotes, they know that customers are reviewing what is included in the price they offer. As you evaluate, make sure you note what is included in their service. It’s also just as important to take note of what is not included. Things like pack assistance, upgraded moving insurance coverage, courtesies such as a hotel stipend, etc. can be nice to have, but ultimately may cost more money. Make sure you are comparing apples to apples as you evaluate providers.

    Reviews and Ratings

    It’s important to do your due diligence. Aside from the marketing information provided with out of state moving company quotes, you should research providers thoroughly. Look into consumer protection sites such as the Better Business Bureau and any reputable performance rating websites for additional understanding. The FMCSA can also help to discern good providers from marginal ones.

    Customer Service

    As you interact with each company that will be providing you out of state moving company quotes, take note of your interactions with them. Are they good listeners? Do they show responsiveness? Do they answer your questions and provide deeper insights and ideas how to make your move more efficient and successful?

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