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How Moving Companies That Pack and Move Out of State Might Try to Scam You


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    There are a number of moving scams perpetrated by moving companies that pack and move out of state. Year after year, people fall victim to these shady business practices and are often unaware their mover has taken advantage of them.

    Don’t let this happen to you. Here’s what to watch for in order to protect yourself from these scams:

    Phone Estimates: 

    There’s nothing inherently wrong with a quick phone estimate based on details about your home size and belongings. But, people forget that an estimate is simply a rough approximation and not an accurate cost projection. Sneaky movers know this to be true and will consequently low-ball their estimates to attract your business, knowing they can always find ways to charge the full amount later.

    You can protect yourself from this scam by inviting a few reliable movers to visit your home for a moving consultation and a written quote with the mover’s terms and contingencies. Later, you can evaluate and compare the various firm quotes you receive from moving companies that pack and move out of state.

    Bait and Switch:

    This scam is similar to the phone estimate, but differs slightly. Some moving companies that pack and move out of state will offer you a great estimate for your upcoming move, even providing an in-home consultation to ensure accuracy. After you hire them and they complete the move, the final bill is much higher than agreed because of add-on fees and other miscellaneous costs. Another variation is to move your goods to your new home, only to refuse to unload until you agree to cost adjustments.

    You can avoid these headaches by asking detailed questions and carefully reading the fine print, looking for any itemized fees or move contingencies that you need to know about. You should also do your due diligence about every company you are considering to hire. Do this by checking reviews and performance ratings, as well as consumer protection sites such as the Better Business Bureau and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

    Required Deposit or Prepayment:

    Be leery of moving companies that pack and move out of state requiring cash deposits or prepayments for your upcoming move. Reputable movers will not ask for cash upfront in any form. When customers fall victim to this scam, the company may or may not show up on the designated move day. Or, they may show up and load your belongings and disappear with them. There are variations to this scam involving the theft of your money or belongings.

    You can avoid this scam by carefully screening all moving companies that pack and move out of state which you might hire. Do your research, looking for evidence of honesty and reliability. If you suspect something shady is at play, choose another company.

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