Small Moves


Stress free small moves

404 Movers provides the highest level of customer satisfaction and service to the small move market in Atlanta and the surrounding cities.

Small Moves in Atlanta

What constitutes a small move?

Small Moves

Moving a student into or out of a dorm room

Small Moves

Moving just one large item e.g. a piano, pool table, safe or dining room table.

Small Moves

Other large odd shaped objects

Many customers wonder if their shipment is small enough to take advantage of our discounted rates on small moves. You can estimate using the following method. If you have less than 2000 pounds or about one and a half rooms of furniture then you have a “small move”. Small moves involve moving a few goods (usually less than 10 items), or even just one object.

Protecting your furniture.
Your furniture will be expertly wrapped in blankets and shrink wrap to ensure its safe delivery. You will not be charged extra fees for protecting your items in blankets or using tape and shrink wrap. Upon delivery, we will place your items exactly where you want them in your home.

How can I tell how much weight I have to move?
You can fill out our free moving quote form to the right of this page and we will do all the work or you can follow the example below. The standard formula used in the moving industry is seven pounds per cubic foot.

To calculate cubic feet, simply multiply length by width by height. Here’s an example:

(Example) Sofa:
7 feet long, 2 1/2 feet wide, 3 feet tall
7 x 2 1/2 x 3 = 52.50 cubic feet
52.50 cubic feet x 7 = 367.5 pounds

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