Senior Moves

404 Movers Atlanta - Senior Moves

Stress free senior moves

404Movers has a team that solely focuses on moving seniors in Atlanta and surrounding cities. Transitions can be particularly stressful for our senior move clients, many of whom face unique physical and emotional challenges our younger clients may not face.

Senior Moves in Atlanta

NOT TO WORRY 404Movers has a game plan for any senior's relocation need(s)

404Movers will come up with a move plan/strategy that encompases all aspects of a move. On senior moves 404Movers will only assign movers that are super nice, sensitive and that exhibit high emotional IQ, to ensure better outcomes for our senior move clients.

Packing and Unpacking Services for Seniors
We co-ordinate packing and unpacking for our senior customers as well as floord planning/staging at the destination 

On the day of the move
When we leave your new home it will be completely set up for you to start your new life in your new place. Everything will be unpacked, pictures hung and clothes hung, dishes, knives and forks places neatly in place and your favorite couch/chair places right where you want it. We will make sure that uur senior move customers know exactly where everything is.

If you are ready to get down to brass tacks we have 3 easy ways for you to take the first step