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Synopsis of how Junk Hauling and Junk Removal works & how you can save some cash

Because we are not junky people, we are actually quite nice people we’ve been told.

Anyway, we’ve have made this short guide to give you the lay of the land so that you can understand how this junk removal thing works. This will not only save you a lot of cash because the knowledge is power and time. So here is the lay of the land on this topic of junk removal and junk hauling…..and of course, don’t forget to choose us when you’re done :).

Junk hauling companies charge by the amount of space or volume that your load takes up in their truck! Simple! Most Junk removal and hauling companies use small 8 feet wide by x10x feet long 5 feet high box trucks which are half the size of ours and can carry half the load which makes them in some cases twice as expensive! Our smallest truck is 20 feet long by 8 feet wide by 9 feet tall so we can carry double the load and charge almost if not less than half the price!

Top of the Pile(Excuse the pun)-Large Franchise Junk Removal Companies. AKA the Rolls Royce of the junk hauling world!
Junk hauling companies like 800 got junk and college hunks hauling junk are the 800-pound gorillas in this space, they are large corporations that spend heavily on advertising (thus their household name status) which is also the reason their removal and junk haulingH are TYPICALLY the most EXPENSIVE!

404 Movers Atlanta - Junk Hauling

The 800gotjunks.com and CollegeHunksHaulingJunk.com’s of the industry

Middle of the road and best value (404Movers Junk Hauling Services)-AKA the Honda Civic of the junk hauling world!
Licensed and insured family owned independent moving companies that provide Junk hauling as an ancillary service for customers. These companies don’t have the weight of meeting ravenous corporate sales and revenue goals that the large advertising budgets demand from the  800junks and College hunks hauling junk type companies of the world, yet they are FULLY licensed and insured. The prices of these players can be as much as 50% cheaper in some instances!  Your junk doesn’t need to ride in a Rolls…after all its just junk. Make the smart choice choose 404Movers junk removal and hauling services!

404 Movers Atlanta - Junk Hauling

Bottom of the pile (Excuse the pun again) Small Mom and Pop Junk Removal  (Typically not incorporated)-AKA The Sanford & Son’s of junk removal world!
Finally, there are the mom and pop players, typically one man shops that are not licensed or insured or background checked. These guys are just trying to make a quick buck, they pull up to your house looking a bit like the picture below or maybe, pretty beat up truck, not very well dressed and they leave a puddle of motor oil on your driveway to boot…I too loved the 1970’s sitcom Sandford and Son but I certainly wouldn’t want that ride pulling up to my house.

404 Movers Junk Hauling Atlanta

If you are ready to get down to brass tacks we have 3 easy ways for you to take the first step