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Advice for First Time Out of State Movers and Packers


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    Like most things in life, moving is a skill that must be learned. Trial and error are a great teacher, but the lessons can sometimes be painful – especially for first-time out of state movers and packers. That’s why it’s helpful to learn from an expert who can give you some pointers.

    If you’re getting ready for your first move across state lines, here are some simple room-specific moving hacks to make things go as smooth as possible:

    1. Packing your Kitchen

    For many people, kitchens are intimidating to pack up and move. With so many potential breakables such as glasses and plates, out of state movers and packers may not be sure how to transport everything safely.  For starters, sort everything, so that like items are all together. Toss any unwanted pantry items and then start boxing your things. As you go along, pack smart using these hacks:

    • Pack knives and sharp objects inside your potholder mitts. Bundle them tight with a thick rubber band.
    • Place any stemware and glasses inside clean socks to pad them. It’s a cheap and effective solution.
    • If you’re taking your fridge, remove any perishables and unplug it two days before you move so that it can defrost. Then dry and clean it before moving.
    • Clothing, dish towels can be used as padding for your dishes or other glassware.
    • Plastic wrap is your friend. Use it to wrap things in place, such as your utensils in their organizer tray.
    1. Packing a Bedroom

    Bedrooms are generally not difficult to pack and move, but there are a few tricks that beginner out of state movers and packers can use to speed and simplify their pack job. Start by cleaning and sorting your things. If there is anything that you no longer want to keep, then discard or donate it. You can throw these objects into a pile as you work. Here are some bedroom packing tips:

    • Clothes can stay on their hangers. Simply bundle like clothing objects together and put a garbage bag over them. Close the bag and tie it off, then fasten the hangers together to avoid awkward handling. A long twist tie or zip tie will work fine. For clothes in your dresser, out of state movers and packers can roll your clothing instead of folding it. This saves on space.
    • To avoid unnecessary packing and unpacking, you can use plastic wrap to secure the contents of your dresser drawers.
    • Stuff your shoes with small, loose items.
    • Put furniture hardware in a plastic baggy and tape it to the furniture itself. For example, bed frame nuts and bolts should remain with the frame.

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