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Across the Map: Cheap Movers from State to State


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    Across The Map Cheap Movers From State To State

    One of the hardest types of residential moves is cross country. It takes more thoughtful planning, money, and time. The good news is that it can be done without breaking the bank with the help of cheap movers from state to state. Your best bet for a successful move is to follow a proven system to accomplish the task. It’s best to break it down into two steps: Plan and pack. Here are some things you should do:

    Step 1: Plan

    1. Make a Move Checklist – No matter how far you’re moving, you should draw up a checklist of everything you need to accomplish. From purchasing move supplies to disconnecting utilities, a checklist can help you keep track of your progress and not forget any important details.
    2. Find Cheap Movers from State to State – Long-distance moves are more difficult to handle. Outsourcing the job to professionals can go a long way in cutting down your workload. You can ask for recommendations, search online, and talk to local truck rental companies to locate reputable companies.
    3. Comparison Shop – Once you locate a handful of potential cross-country movers, you’ll want to get an in-home consultation with each company. Avoid hiring any cheap movers from state to state until you get a firm bid from at least three providers. Be sure to ask detailed questions and get a written quote. Then, do your research. Read each of their websites and social media pages, find performance reviews and service ratings, check consumer protection sites such as the Better Business Bureau. If you can, find their USDOT number and MC license to verify their status as a moving provider. Find out about insurance coverage.
    4. Hire and Schedule Your Move – Once you’ve got a sense of the cheap movers from state to state that you want to hire, call to get on their schedule. If you can, try to move between September and May. Scheduling is usually more flexible and less expensive than the peak summer moving months.

    Step 2: Pack

    1. Decide What’s Going – You’ll likely want to make this move an opportunity to sort through your things. Go from room to room, and note any items that you’d like cheap movers from state to state to load. At the same time, sell, donate, gift, or recycle anything that isn’t going with you.
    2. Self-Pack to Save, if Allowed – Some cheap movers from state to state won’t be liable for the transport of goods that you pack yourself since they weren’t involved. Ask your moving company what their policy is before you start boxing up your things. It costs more money to hire packers.
    3. Other Important Things – Inventory your belongings, pack things with safety and clear labels, leave large or heavy furniture to the professionals, and make sure you’re fully packed when the movers show up.

    Hire Cheap Movers from State to State

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