404movers video inventory app

“Onsite” or in VIRTUAL “in home estimates” are now possible without us having to come out to your home.

Video Inventory App - 404 Movers Atlanta

404 Movers has a video inventory app that enables us to do “onsite” estimates without having to come out to your location. We recommend ALL customers perform a video inventory because the more prepared WE are (this is a collaborative effort) at the front end the better the overall outcome at the back end.

3 Simple Steps to get you started

1) Download app to your phone by clicking on the relevant icon below,
Alternatively type in “imover” in your respective device’s app store and proceed to download and install

Apple Store - 404 Movers
Google Play - 404 Movers Atlanta

2) Start Recording Videos
Record videos of each room and name your videos. Label videos by room.

3) Provide Your iMover ID to us by emailing it to bookings@404movers.com

Only 404Movers will have access to your unique iMover ID that enables us to view your inventory

Video Inventory - 404 Movers Atlanta