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4 Things to Know About Moving Furniture Out of State


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    Moving furniture out of state requires a little forethought and planning but is not overly complicated to do. Professional movers are well experienced in the do’s and don’ts of residential cargo packing and shipment.

    But if you’ve never done it before, here are four things to know about long-distance furniture shipments:

    1. Start with Prep

    A lot of furniture needs to be disassembled in some way before putting it on a truck. Remove dresser mirrors, take off table legs, and detach any feet from couches or chairs where needed. Adjustable shelving should be removed from desks and bookshelves. Before moving furniture out of state, be sure to protect it with moving blankets and stretch wrap. Pay special attention to sharp corners or other vulnerable areas that could be damaged in transit.

    In some situations, your preparation should include measuring the load to fit into the moving equipment that you will be using. It may also be a good idea to make sure the receiving party has room for the items that you are sending them. It’s also important to communicate that you are moving furniture out of state with any third parties that may need to be aware of the move, such as an apartment building manager.

    1. Load Correctly

    When moving furniture out of state, the load job needs to be done right. This is not just a short hop across town for delivery, so your furniture needs to be carefully loaded and secured to prevent damage. Consider every piece before putting it into the truck. For safety, heavier items should be loaded with a moving dolly, rigging gear, or lifting slings. Heavy items should be loaded first and placed in the front of the cargo area close to the truck cabin. Be sure to distribute the load to make sure the truck or trailer is well balanced.

    1. Secure the Load

    As you load the truck or trailer, be sure to securely fasten the items using the tie downs of your choice. You can use twine, rope, or ratchet straps to hold everything in place. Most moving trucks will have built-in tie-down tracking inside, running along the length of the walls. You should use the tracking rails during transit.

    1. Get Some Help When Moving Furniture Out of State

    Loading and unloading heavy or large items can be difficult, if not impossible, to do alone. If you’re moving furniture out of state, you may want to get some help with the job. It’s up to you whether to ask a few friends for assistance or to hire a pro team for support. Getting help will significantly improve your ability to do the job safely, and avoid damage to the cargo you’re moving.

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